Useful Links

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a maker and inventor at heart.  I am starting this page to showcase useful links having to do with electronics, home automation, 3D printing and anything to do with the maker world.  If you have a link that you want showcased here, you can contact me via one of my contact links here.

LINK Description MySensors is an open source DIY home automation platform that uses Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi and other opensource hardware for creating IOT devices. Vera home automation controllers.  I met Barry Calnan at an intro to 3D printing event at the Idea Center in Stevens Point Wisconsin.  Barry is a great guy to help out with any of your 3D design and printing projects.

A site with lessons on arduino.  They offer a free 12 part video course related to arduino electronics design and programming. Portage County’s maker space and more. The IDEA Center and CREATE is arts, entertainment, maker space and more for the central Wisconsin area. When choosing between CNC and Additive Manufacturing (AM), there are a few simple guidelines that can be applied to the decision making process.  Check out for your CNC or AM needs.

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