About me

A bit about me.  By day I am a computer and electronics technician for our local school district.  By night I am an electronics and home automation hobbyist.  I recently entered the world of 3D printing with the purchase of my Anet 3D printer.  I am also a mostly self taught programmer.

I have been fascinated with electronics all my life.  Once I found out about home automation and the DIY stuff that goes with it, it was a piece that fit my hobby electronics puzzle perfectly.  I do most of my home DIY home automation stuff on the arduino platform.  Love it.

Then came 3D printing.  You mean I can build project enclosures tailored to each project?  I can repair broken things by printing a new part?  This was another piece to my puzzle that I never knew was missing until  I got into it.  With the purchase of my Anet A8 3D printer, I found the possibilities to be endless.

My programming background started in High School with BASIC on Atari computers at school and my Radio Shack computer at home.  I have since done programming in a variety of languages such as Visual Basic and C#, a bit of PERL and most recently, pretty heavy on PHP.

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