Welcome to my world of bits and bytes.   Since I was a kid, I have had a love for programming, electronics and anything that went along with that.  This led me to get involved in home automation, and recently 3D printing.  I started this website as a place to share my knowledge and projects related to these topics.  This site will deal with electronics, automation, programming, 3D printing and anything related to it.  I hope you enjoy the site and get some useful information from it.

Electronics Design

My recent involvements in electronics design as it relates to home automation will spark some of the topics on the site.  Look for posts on future OpenHardware designs done by me.

3D Printing

My recent acquisition of a 3D printer will be another realm of topics for my pages and blog posts.  Check back often to see what I am designing.


My interests in programming have led me to explore a number of different languages.  I started out with BASIC, done work with Visual Basic and C#, dabbled a bit in PERL and most recently I have done extensive work with PHP