EZ-Valve replacement non-return valve


Replacement non-return valveAlternative replacement one way non-return valve to fit all Bestway, Coleman and Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tubs or any air pipe fitting with a 43mm inside diameter.  Fixes your leaking A pipe for your air bubble connection.

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Leaking A hoseDo you own a Bestway, Coleman or Lay-Z-Spa inflatable airjet hot tub?  Does your air bubble connection (A) hose leak when you disconnect your pump?  This is cause by a failed non-return valve inside the tub.  The non-return valve is designed to prevent water from leaking out of the tub when the bubble jets are off, and allow the air to flow into the tub when you turn your air jets on.  A failed non-return valve can lead to other problems such as the inner mushroom valve failing.  Replacing the non-return valve on these tubs is difficult to do and requires some tools and mechanical skill.  

EZ-ValveIntroducing the EZ-Valve.  The replacement non-return valve that doesn’t require any tools or mechanical skill to install.  Simply disconnect the A hose connection from the pump to the tub, rub a tiy bit of vaseline on the valve o-ring, slip it in the end of the pipe going into the tub and re-connect the hose.  That’s it.  

Many other versions of these fall out easily when the hose is disconnected.  The EZ-Valve is designed to snugly fit and stay in the pipe even when the pump conection is undone.

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